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SQN Blog-Vent Calendar: 4. Four Years of Hyundai Motorsport in the WRC

Last week in Monza saw the 2017 Hyundai Motorsport launch event, at which the team outlined its aims and aspirations for the forthcoming World Rally Championship (WRC) season – their fourth in the competition. Here at SQN we have worked alongside the team at Hyundai Motorsport at every step of the way during their journey […]

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SQN Blog-vent Calendar: 3. BBC Three’s Online Move – An On-Demand Channel for an On-Demand Society

This February saw the BBC Three television signals shut off after 13 years on the air, as the channel saw itself become an online-only platform. Despite protests from the public, celebrities and politicians, the decision was made to drop BBC Three from our screens as part of a swathe of cuts totalling £100m enforced upon the […]

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SQN Blog-vent Calendar: 2. What PR and Comms can learn from Sequels

  Zoolander 2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Bad Neighbours 2. 2016 has seen its fair share of movie sequels and franchise installments lighting up the silver screen. Though often associated with a decline in standard from their predecessors, film follow-ups have still been seen as bankers by movie studios. Due to their pre-existing […]

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