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Brands and companies wanting to be the best in their field come to us. We help brands engage with their audiences whoever they are – their customers, their employees or the media. By adopting the right language and tone of voice, we start a conversation that ignites a reaction. A meaningful reaction that fires their emotions – an emotional connection, that drives behaviours and results.

We have specific expertise in technology, sport, automotive and industrial. Founded at the turn of the millennium, we can do old school and new school. Classic corporate or millennial mindset. We’ve grown with the digital revolution.


Looking through a different lens on the same set of challenges and services, our solutions address the key issues facing marketing and business teams in technology, sport and automotive


Whichever the audience, whether through a press release, web and social media content, a podcast or video, an email or even, shock horror, actual printed collaterals, you need to create a relevant story. Let us help you create and tell your story.


There are now so many channels through which to tell your story, many of which allow you to fine tune your message in response to the audience reaction. We can help you to cut through the noise to make sure your conversation is not only heard but also engaging.


Events give you an opportunity to engage face to face with key audiences. Whether exclusive VIP hospitality, executive strategy workshops or conferences for thousands, we have come up with concepts and content, and managed the process to help clients bring their stories to life. Make the move from running events to delivering experiences.


The basis of strategy formulation and tactical implementation, insight is about understanding your environment and your data. From industry trends and benchmarks, expected investment returns, or detailed audience metrics, we can help you make sense of what to do next.


At the core of our solution, with a long track record in creating and managing innovative and successful business partnerships and sponsorships, SQN helps clients to identify and capitalise on opportunities for breakthrough strategies.

18 years of working with brands

Our insights

State of the Sponsorship Industry: An SQN Perspective

Yesterday the European Sponsorship Association (ESA) released its 2020 Sponsorship Market Overview document. The release of the annual report, produced in collaboration with Nielsen Sports, was supported by an insightful webinar featuring input from ESA Chairman Andy Westlake, Head of Client Services at Nielsen Sports, Andy Milnes, and Head of Partnerships and Activation at the Premier League, […]

Embracing the C-word

There’s no escaping the dreaded C-word. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has intensified its grip on the world, with few industries escaping its wrath. It’s a testing time and one that is already having ramifications on businesses. Yet, while not detracting from the severity of the situation, it is important for companies to increase focus on integrated […]

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