Why size doesn’t matter in sponsorship

SQN CEO Claire Ritchie @MsRichTea discusses the power of sponsorship as a centre piece of marketing strategy to drive the value of the brand.  I was really interested to read an article in UAE’s Khalee Times last week about the brand value of Emirates Airline having grown to a massive $6.6 billion and the company reaching […]

SQN and Lexar shortlisted again, in UK Sponsorship Awards

  Sine Qua Non and Lexar has been shortlisted for yet another award for its partnership with the World Rally Championship, this time with the UK Sponsorship Awards. Lexar and Crucial, both consumer products by global technology brand Micron, are official technology partners to the World Rally Championship and provide innovative solutions to capture, store […]

Speed reading follow up

Last year we blogged about an app that enables everyone to read like Short Circuit’s Johnny 5 and now Honda have used the same “Optimal Recognition Point” to produce a clever, simple advertisement. Check it out below. The ORP is just left of the centre of each word and is the best point for our […]