The Numeration of Thought

Social media analysis has, for (better or) worse, caused an avalanche of abridged opinion that now influences how all products are marketed, reputations managed, initiatives directed and opportunities identified. Gleaning public opinion has always been an important aspect of market research but this computational reliance is growing and soon, it seems, no company will know […]

Takeaways: North West 200

Takeaways is a new feature of the SQN blog where one of the team talks about what they learned at a recent event, be it motorsport, technology or something else altogether.  PR and Marketing Executive Sarah Byles ventured to Northern Ireland last weekend for the Vauxhall North West 200. It was her first spectating experience […]


A tired thing, the simple camera – to promote it is a struggle. After all, there are only so many ways to paint a picture of a product that takes them. GoPro has done it, though. So much better than everyone else trying, in fact, that it is now the world’s fastest-growing camera company. It […]

How to Power a Brain

SQN’s Digital Marketing Executive Rob Horne @rch_93 reflects on what lifestyle fuels his ideal work day.  I had done no exercise for around two weeks (usually going for multiple runs in that time and even, sometimes, being quite fast!) and was feeling less creative around the office. My efficiency was dwindling, my initiative was inhibited, […]