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Our vision is your story

Our work starts with you. What are your objectives and goals? What’s the story you want to tell your audiences? The way we deliver it comes from us. We stay faithful to our values by putting a piece of ourselves in everything we do. The most important partnership is the one we develop with our clients.

We develop a powerful working partnership to help brands like yours tell stories to the audiences that matter most. We define your objectives and refine our offering to redefine your agency experience.

We speak
your language

Our experience is unique. From our background in tech, sport and automotive, we have helped shape the narrative for companies of all sizes, from fintech start-ups to global manufacturers. We know your challenges because we’ve helped brands to overcome them before. We just get it.

Partnerships with a purpose

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Everything we do has an end goal, an objective – a purpose. We frame your narrative to generate the right ending for your business. Whether your story is told through content, communications, sponsorship, or events, we put great emphasis on the human side of our working relationship – turning it into a true partnership.

Professionally delivered, personally invested

The team

We fuse extensive in-house and agency-side experience together with passionate rising stars to form a dynamite team. We bring together a remarkable portfolio of industry experience, business acumen and creative innovation. We are united by our vision – to tell your story.

Let's get connected

Whether you’re ready to start your next project or simply have some ideas you’d like to discuss, please do get in touch

Francis Bradfield

Content and Communications

Self-proclaimed car geek Francis is rarely far away from a moving vehicle; it’s a passion that has earned him the nickname Racing Franco. His ability to talk in engineering speak allows him a first-rate partnership with our tech and motorsport clients.

Sam Wright

Studio Creative

NFL and Chelsea FC fan Sam gets animated when new design projects get fielded. Having honed his craft over many years in SQN’s Studio, Sam has become one of our team’s MVPs and our pet meerkat, as he frequently pops his head above his Mac.

Kirk Brown

Studio Lead

As SQN Studio Lead, our very own Captain Kirk is never happier when presented with a daring design brief, creative challenge, or ambitious video project – boldly going where few others can. He’s also a keen streamer, when his cats allow!

Chris Hughes

Managing Director

From F1 and MotoGP, Chris has used his vast motorsport communications experience to put SQN in the fast lane. As Managing Director, he makes sure we are in the best shape possible to deliver truly unique campaigns and content for our clients.

Claire Ritchie-Tomkins

Chief Executive Officer

Claire epitomises the ‘Sine Qua Non’ of our business, the essential ingredient that has defined agency culture, direction, and growth. A visionary CEO who advocates the power of partnerships with the personal touch.

Chris Ritchie

Chief Operations Officer

With a background in B2B communications and a passion for high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled pastimes, Chris knows how to tell even the most complex technology stories in a broad sport context.

Stuart Owen

Sport and Sponsorship Lead

Stuart’s passion for sport and partnerships has made him one of the sponsorship industry’s most exciting talents. As an ESA awards judge, he knows what makes a great activation campaign – and delivers it with drive.

Carrie Mathieson

Content Lead

Carrie has been a breath of fresh air for our agency and is always eager to go the extra mile for clients and colleagues. For content and campaigns that are one step beyond, Carrie is the ideal lead.

Ben Bradford

Content and Communications

Germanophile Ben has been busy brushing up on his language skills ahead of a move to Cologne in January, treading in the footsteps of Chris H and Carrie. It’s been a delight having him part of the SQN team since moving from Australia – and we’re going to miss him.

Lewis Joseph-Bryan

Lewis merges his passion for motorsport with a keen interest in all aspects of digital marketing as a communication tool to bring a wealth of experience and insight to our team. There are certainly plenty of strings to his bow, as he is a talented violinist to boot!

Reece Mowlem

Content and Communications

Reece is firmly in tune with the needs of our clients and can turn his hand to any number of projects. Musical in background, he covers the full scale of our agency’s content and communications offering.

Michael Ha

Studio Creative

Our resident videographer and photographer, Michael brings a creative flair from a background in fashion, having worked with brands such as Nike and Converse. He has a passion for making creativity more accessible to younger generations.

Candela Hermida

Graduate Executive

Candela is the impact player of our squad. Leading our marketing effort, as well as playing a vital support role across the entire business, there’s nothing that she can’t improve. As Reading Rockets women’s captain, she knows all about teamwork to deliver success. 

Megan Tidbury

Content and Communications

Motorsport aficionado Megan is a font of knowledge when it comes to racing. When she’s not following Formula E, British Touring Car or Formula One, she’s a keen netball player and adopts full attack mode for our clients.

Fatema Chowdhury

PR and Media Lead

Building trusted partnerships is the essence of Fatema’s role, as she heads up our PR and media relations. An Arsenal fan, she is always gunning to get coverage for our clients, while also fulfilling her enjoyment of motorsport.  

Ben Dixon

Studio Creative

Our Aussie basketballer turned designer, Ben brings a competitive edge to our Studio with an eye that helps him jump head and shoulders above the rest. Having studied architecture, Ben knows how to build great creative for our clients.

Sam Wakefield

B2B and Tech Sponsorship Lead

Always excelling at work but under par on the golf course, Sam is instrumental in supporting our tech and B2B clients to achieve their business goals. He’s certainly come a fair way since joining our team.

We are excited to announce that Sine Qua Non (SQN) has joined rEvolution, bringing SQN’s technology and communications prowess to rEvolution, the global, integrated sports marketing agency. Together, we will continue to grow as one team to deliver best-in-class integrated marketing services for our clients.

We put people first, challenge personal effectiveness, and act as change agents on a unified team. We share these values now and moving forward. In this next chapter we will scale our skillsets and expertise together to make an increasingly significant impact in the industry.

Please visit http://www.revolutionworld.com to learn more about rEvolution’s capabilities and culture.

This is an exciting time for everyone on our collective team, and we look forward to continuing our work with you.

John Rowady
CEO & Founder, rEvolution

Claire Ritchie
CEO & Founder, SQN

Chris Ritchie
Director & COO, SQN