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COP26 – Why sport has an important role to play in climate change?

“Sport and politics shouldn’t mix” is a debate starter for the ages. Regardless of whether you believe they should or shouldn’t mix, the reality is that they do. In fact, we now live in a society where sport is providing a platform for team’s and individuals to challenge political and societal issues. From Sebastien Vettel’s t-shirt wearing support of the LGBTQ community, […]

COP26 – Is climate change sponsorship a cop out?

There will be no escaping publicity from COP26 over the next fortnight, as the global climate change summit in Glasgow is expected to dominate the headlines. It’s been a long time coming. There have been plenty of talking points dictating the news agenda in recent weeks, and mostly for all the wrong reasons.  It’s an event that justifies attention as the […]

Black History Month – proud to be

Black History Month 2021 has invited black and brown people around the UK to share what they are ‘Proud to Be’ for a festival of celebration this October. At SQN, we place great importance on driving diversity in our business and the industries in which we are fortunate to be active.  Our Content and Communications […]