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Title Rights: Naming a stadium is just the start

In recent years, the popularity of naming stadia has grown – as both a marketing and partnership activity – with many successful examples worldwide. As soon as something is built, the bids to name it come flying in. And once those deals expire, the process starts again. This week it was announced that Cardiff’s Millennium […]


Land Rover goes grassroots for Rugby World Cup sponsorship

SQN CEO Claire Ritchie @MsRichTea discusses how sponsorship is about more than just putting two entities together – it’s about matching brand attributes and a common vision to create win-win partnerships.  I was pleased to read the recent news of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)’s sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup (RWC), which the auto manufacturer is already […]

Takeaways: London to Paris cycling trip

Takeaways is a new feature of the SQN blog where one of the team talks about what they learned at a recent event, be it motorsport, technology or something else altogether. PR and Communications Coordinator Matthew Perryman (@mflperryman) tackled a pilgrimage journey to cycle from London to Paris to soak up the end of the Tour […]

Big data brings new Dimension to #TDF2015 experience

Whether watching beside some vertical Pyrenean tarmac or at an office desk cursing buffer speeds (it’s for research, honest), nothing captivates a cycling fan like a stage of the Tour de France. It takes a special sort of fan dedication to enjoy six hours of guys pedalling up and down roads, especially as broadcasting of […]

How to ace Sports Sponsorship

The summer of sport is in full swing: Wimbledon, the Ashes, the British Grand Prix, Tour de France and the Open just around the corner. To name but a few of the sporting events that frequent the front and back pages, as well as news feeds and websites during the warmer months. Timely, then, was […]


Takeaways: Henley Royal Regatta Event Review

Sine Qua Non International assisted in social media management and video production for the 176th Henley Royal Regatta. Digital Marketing Executive Rob Horne (Instagram: robchorne / Twitter @rch_93) reflects on the experience of bringing one of Britain’s oldest sporting and social events into the digital age.

Tradition meets technology: Henley Royal Regatta and the Live Stream

Henley Royal Regatta runs annually in the first week of July and has been one of the country’s most distinguished sporting and social events since its first iteration in 1839. With its sea of rowing club blazers and woven boater hats, there is a great heritage to Henley. The Stewards are responsible for treading the […]

Formula E interview with Venturi’s Jim Wright

We spoke to Jim Wright, Commercial Director of the Venturi Formula E Racing Team, about Formula E’s first season, its commercial value, what’s happening in season two and of course, its distinctions from Formula One. With just the final round, and two races, to go at Battersea Park in London, it is the opportune time to sit […]

Wimbledon: Serving up enduring sponsorships

Take to the court at Wimbledon in one week’s time and you might be surprised by the lack of visible sponsor logos. Or then again, you may not notice the refreshing absence at all. Whichever way you look at it, one of the most-watched sporting events in the world actually boasts some of the longest […]

Emoji in Vogue: Language or Laziness?

PR and Communications Coordinator Matthew Perryman (@mflperryman) flips some tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ over the use and overuse of emoji. Five of my seven last-received WhatsApp messages contain some form of emoji, these iconic icons that have become such a significant part of our daily conversations. Three of the common faces in their usual contortions, one of a […]


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