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Blowing our own trumpet

We’re not renowned for blowing our own trumpet here at SQN but the start of 2016 has seen several key changes to the organisation, which herald the beginning of an exciting new period. So, we felt it was only right (and forgive us this moment of back-patting) to offer a little update…


Incredibly, SQN @TechAndSport turns 15 this year. That really requires use of the old vide-printer football result brackets. Yes, 15 (FIFTEEN)! Naturally, we’ve had ups and downs like any business over the years but it seems that we’re well and truly in the midst of a teenage growth spurt.


This week, it’s been our pleasure to appoint two Account Managers to our Henley based team, one brand new recruit and one returning familiar face.


We’re delighted that Stuart Owen (@Stu_Owen_Auto) has joined us from Repucom to work on a number of key automotive accounts, bringing with him a wealth of analytics skills that will further enhance our digital offering. He’s already volunteered for a tea round so that’s the first box ticked!


We are also stoked to have Sarah Byles (@sarahbyles) back in the office following a sojourn back home to New Zealand. Our motorsport-loving Kiwi has moved into an Account Manager position and is already back into the swing of life in the UK with renewed vigour. (We still have some work to do on softening the accent!)


To accommodate our growing team, we’ve also had to move into a bigger office complete with new whiteboards, a meeting room and an excuse to pop to IKEA for some new Billy bookcases! The view of Henley’s iconic St. Mary’s Church from the window is most definitely another welcome treat.


Age is just a number, they say, but at the tender age of 15, we’re barely getting started. We’ll pack the trumpet away for now, but hopefully there’ll be plenty more reasons for us to get it out again during 2016.