The long-lasting impact of successful sponsorships

Letโ€™s start by playing a game. What is the first sponsor that comes to mind when you think of the following events? The Six Nations, the Football League Cup, London Marathon, Queenโ€™s Tennis Tournament & The Grand National. Perhaps one, or maybe two, of these brands came to mind: RBS, Coca Cola, Flora, Stella Artois […]

What to consider with esports sponsorships

Thank you for reading our mini-series on esports sponsorship. We hope you have enjoyed it and found it insightful. If you want to read all of the report in one easy-to-read document you can do so by downloading it via the form on the right hand side of this page ๐Ÿ‘‰. It’s important to remember […]

Well-known brands are already involved

In this, our penultimate article on esports, we see how brands from all sectors but especially tech and automotive, are becoming much more involved in esports. Even shifting whole budgets away from ‘traditional sports’ into competitive gaming.ย ย  Endemic โ€“ or native โ€“ gaming brands such as Logitech are key to the esports sponsorship landscape. Estimates […]

Esports offers brands experiential opportunities

We’re up to part six in our look into the area of competitive gaming, or esports. You’ll be able to download the full pdf shortly so look for the link on this website soon. Gaming offers immersive brand experiences that other forms of pure advertising, for example, would struggle to attain. Esports also opens up […]

Esports, a gateway to Asia

Part five of our mini-series on the ever expanding world of esports looks into how Asia is the dominant force when it comes to competitive gaming, and how this could present an opportunity for brands thinking about getting involved.ย  In 2018, it was estimated that roughly 50% of the global esports viewership was from China, […]