COP26 – Mobilising a collective force for good

November 5, 2021

Day five of the COP26 climate change summit puts youth and public empowerment at the centre of the agenda, as the debate focuses on how to encourage society to take collective action.  

Young people have long wanted to take part in decision-making processes and in driving global change. Yet, young people are too often relegated to the background in power and decision-making, and that’s equally true when it comes to the climate change debate.  

In the book, Youth in Action on Climate Change: Inspirations from Around the World by the United Nations the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Christiana Figueresen proclaimed, “work by and for young people is a critical component in raising the political will to reach a new universal climate change agreement“. 

Education and communication play a critical role in this process, breaking down age, socio-economic and cultural barriers. Education is the most solid path to sustainability. Economic and technological solutions, political regulations, or financial incentives are not enough. We need a radical change in the way we think and act daily if we are to keep people engaged in this debate long after COP26 has ended. 

It’s a subject that resonates strongly with one of our clients, Toucan, whose vision is to empower people to build their own altruistic identity and to become their own force for good. Their soon-to-launch app will give people a platform from which they can support the causes that matter most on a sustained basis. 

When it comes to charitable donations, offering a modern fintech solution will undoubtedly unlock new donors and herald a new era in charitable giving, especially among a younger demographic. What the Toucan app offers is the immediate impact so people can see the difference they are making in real-time, which in turn generates a dopamine hit: the feelgood factor.  

Young people want to contribute to the causes that are close to them, but not only do they need to be empowered, they need the tools to do the job. Only then can we create the sustained movement that will make a genuine, long-lasting impact.