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As a global leader in the provision of technology-enabled business solutions and services, CSC, now DXC Technology, has for over 50 years helped clients to address tough business challenges and to benefit from every wave of IT innovation.

In 2010, CSC partnered with Virgin Racing and Sine Qua Non was asked to help to engage key audiences through the partnership. As advisors and partners in the successful activation of the partnership, Sine Qua Non has been integral in guiding the programme and delivering a range of high-impact activities.

From simple solutions such as engaging employees and clients through web and social media presence to far broader PR outreach programmes, SQN ensures that CSC maximises target audience engagement through content, messaging and activities relevant to each group. From industry award submissions and event support to message development, programme measurement and metrics, SQN enabled CSC to fully integrate its partnership and maximise subsequent return.


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