Esports sponsorship entry costs are still low, for now

October 7, 2019

In part four of our esports mini-series we take a look at an important question for brand marketers; how much does it cost to enter into a sponsorship within esports?

Fortunately the entry cost for sponsors coming into esports is still relatively low as the industry has undergone a huge a period of growth in recent years. But we expect this will change in the coming months and years, as more brands seize on the opportunity to get involved.

This will result in sponsorship packages becoming more expensive over time as esports matures and professionalises. So if you’re a potential sponsor then the time is now to get in early and also build those all important relationships with the rights holders.

As in conventional sports, there are a variety of different sponsorship opportunities at different price points. The larger titles and events, such as the US Overwatch League, have higher price tags as they attract the top teams and large audiences.

That particular league has sold team franchises for $20m and upwards, helping attract $200m in sponsorship during its first season with major brands including Intel, HP Omen, Toyota, T-Mobile, and Spotify getting involved.

However, there are numerous opportunities from amateur to professional level offering something for every sponsorship budget. Esports currently offers brands value for money in sponsorship that many conventional sports cannot match.

In our next article we’ll be looking at how esports can be an entry point into Asia. To view previous articles in this series head to https://sqn.agency/sponsorship/