F1 Technology Sponsors Accelerate by 150%

April 13, 2022

Technology has always been synonymous with Formula 1; the fast-paced, constantly evolving sport aligning perfectly with the similarly advanced tech industry. However, since 2017, this acceleration has been particularly noticeable, with technology sponsors of F1 teams accelerating by 150%. With an even greater number of data points and tech developments comes even greater opportunity for product and solution implementation. Tech brands and Formula 1 are forming a potent and powerful partnership to the benefit of both – something that will only continue to grow and get stronger over the coming years.

At SQN we have undertaken a thorough analysis of the changing landscape of F1 team sponsors since 2017, a five-year review that mirrors Liberty Media’s time at the helm. In doing so we have scrutinised all sponsorship sectors, the trends, and the reasons behind these. Our findings have been accumulated in our free white paper which covers the following:

  • The acceleration of technology sponsors – what are the reasons behind this and why will more brands continue to join the paddock?
  • History of sponsorship in F1 – where did it all begin?
  • A five-year success story – is the rapid increase in team sponsors directly aligned with Liberty Media’s time at the top?
  • The emergence of crypto and blockchain partners – here to stay or a flash in the pan?
  • What’s in a good livery? – the importance of standing out from the crowd
  • The rise of partnerships driven by purpose – why these will hold even greater value
  • Future F1 sponsorship trends – what lies ahead?

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