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Getting the Full Monte from Sponsorship

Our CEO Claire Ritchie @MsRichTea has just returned from the opening round of this year’s World Rally Championship in Monte Carlo and had a few words to say about the power of sponsorship…

“Money couldn’t buy that!”

This was the reaction of one our clients at last weekend’s Rallye Monte-Carlo after we put them in a room with their target audience – 50 professional motorsport snappers – for an hour and a half ahead of the new WRC season.

The reaction of the individual in question resonated strongly with me and was a timely reinforcement of just how potent sponsorships can be.

As someone who has been in the sponsorship business for nearly 20 years, I come across plenty of people who perceive sponsorship as just an alternative to advertising. Those words at Monte-Carlo, however, reveal one of the fundamental things that sets sponsorship apart, truly putting it in a league of its own.  

It’s something that anyone unfamiliar with the depth and breadth of sponsorship fails to recognise: by creating relevant and meaningful partnerships and particularly in the case of Sine Qua Non – where we specialise in working with companies in the ICT space where technology integration and product showcasing are the drivers – it gives companies assets that are not even available on the open market. 

When those assets are harnessed and exploited intelligently and with understanding, the results are outstanding and could not be achieved through any other means. 

If you are an ICT company looking for innovative and cost effective ways to promote your company and to engage with target audiences then perhaps we can help you harness the full power of a sponsorship?