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How to Get Started with TikTok Advertising

November 15, 2022

TikTok Ads are booming! Everyone is talking about the new sensation of advertising platforms.  

Gen Z has almost everything figured out when it comes to consuming content and ads, and TikTok knows it all too well. Because it’s the most popular social network today for people in this age range, TikTok’s ad manager could be just what you need to create content on the platform that can bring in sales for your business. You could also achieve other marketing goals like increasing engagement and awareness of your brand.   

We have a lot to tell you about TikTok Ads, and you’ll find out in less than a minute:  

What are TikTok Ads?  

The social network has an advertising platform where you can create ad campaigns for your potential customers. Also known as TikTok for Business, it’s the content manager where you can plan, launch, manage and measure ad campaigns. Through the advertising platform, you can create ads in three different formats that fit the ideal customer profile you want to reach. Currently, these are the only three types available, however, TikTok is always developing and testing other formats.  

TikTok is a network that has a lot of potentials to generate engagement because of the content that users can consume on it. The only thing you should take into account is that almost all of its users belong to Gen Z, with 32% of TikTok users aged between 25 and 34. So you’ll have a somewhat limited age range, although part of the millennial population also has an account on Tik Tok.

Advantages of using TikTok Ads for your marketing strategies 

Although it’s a rather new platform for ads, the truth is that it has as much potential as Google or Facebook Ads, so let’s see what the advantages are available to you with this tool: 

1. The power of influencer marketing

Although a self-proclaimed influencer can often be met with an eye roll from some marketers. Influencers have power and TikTok has created a platform to connect businesses and influencers through TikTok Creators Marketplace (TCM). Partnering with popular influencers is also a great way to keep your ad campaigns fresh, relevant, and cost-effective.

2. Less saturation 

As a fairly new ad platform, there’s not a huge competition as there is with Google or Facebook. So creating ads on TikTok Ads is a game changer for both content creators and more experienced marketers.  

3. There’s a good fusion of content  

If you have a TikTok account you’ll know that the content format is similar to Instagram stories, only in this social network you have a single feed where videos are updated at the end of the previous one.  

It’s an infinite scroll where you could spend hours and hours consuming content.  

This format represents a huge advantage for creating ads because they will go unnoticed by the user, unlike Facebook where the ads are clearly what they are, or SEM in Google where you know that your ads will appear in the first search results.  

4. It’s updated every day 

TikTok Ads is still in the testing stage of some ad formats, so you can be sure that if you start creating your campaigns here, you’ll grow at the same pace as the platform. 

How to create your first campaign in TikTok Ads  

At this point you already have everything prepared and written down to create your first batches of ads on the platform, let’s see then what steps you must follow to do it successfully:  

Step 1: Create your account 

The first step is simple, you need to create an account on the TikTok Ads Manager To do that you can access the official TikTok platform.   

Step 2: Create your first campaign  

Now it’s time to access the TikTok Manager and click on the option on the screen that says “create”.  

This will then ask you to fill in the field of the objectives of your campaign; you will be able to choose from the following options:  

  • Increase coverage 
  • Increase traffic 
  • Increase the percentage of downloads of your app 
  • Improve conversions on your website 

Once you’ve defined the objective of your campaign – we recommend you think about even before creating your account in TikTok Ads – you’ll have to add the budget data you have for that campaign.  

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll have to decide between “Daily budget” or “Total budget” and the minimum amount allowed by the platform is 50 USD, which you can invest progressively or directly.  

Step 3: Set up the configuration of the ad group 

Now it’s your turn to get down to work because the time has come to define in detail the data that will complement your ads. So you’ll have to define and segment everything you have collected from your target audience. Some of the data that will need to be added are:  

  • Devices used 
  • Demographic 
  • Segmentation according to behaviour and topics of interest 
  • Bids to increase traffic 
  • Dates and times of publication of the ad 
  • Format and name of the ad 

Once this is ready, it’s time to enter the name of the campaign and decide if you want ads in image or video format to launch your first TikTok Ads campaign and start evaluating its performance.   

These are all the steps to create your first TikTok Ads campaign! 

As we mentioned above, it’s still a platform that is launching new ad formats, so it may not be completely perfect. It does however have an advantage over its rivals Facebook and Google as there is less competition in comparison. TikTok Ads could help you explore other advertising channels.  

Have you already tried the platform? Do you need some assistance? Reach out if you need help with your TikTok strategies! 


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