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SQN bolsters team with B2B and Tech sponsorship lead

SQN has strengthened its team with the appointment of network security and tech specialist Sam Wakefield in the newly created role of B2B and Tech Sponsorship Lead.   Sam joins SQN from enterprise security specialists Fortinet, and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in B2B, technology marketing, and CxO engagement.   As an avid sports fan and a tech aficionado, Sam […]

Lights on for WRC’s hybrid future

With Rally Monza ending the 2021 World Rally Championship in epic style, the focus now shifts to 2022, a season overflowing with both technical and commercial opportunity.   Following in the tyre tracks of Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship, WRC will enter a new hybrid era next year. The exciting move is the first step on the WRC’s quest to reach carbon net-zero status […]

COP26- What next?

As the COP26 climate change summit draws to a close, the most important question to ask is: what next? How can we all take collective action to help tackle this important and urgent societal issue?   In Glasgow, motorsport took centre stage as a leading pillar in the move towards greater sustainable actions within global sport. As an […]

COP26 – Extreme E: Less hype, more help

As the COP26 summit enters its final lap, the topic of discussion turns to cities, regions, and built environments, essentially the places where we live. The real question, though, is what happens next? What tangible changes will occur because of the past two weeks of debate?   One of the pre-event news items surrounded the UK government’s pledge to invest £1million in a proposed round […]

COP26 – Zero emissions: Cosworth’s Catalytic generator

Transport was yesterday’s theme at COP26, a topic that drives much debate within the walls of SQN and with many of our clients. The wheels of our business have been driven by automotive and motorsport clients over the past 20 years.  The transportation industry remains one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. It is believed that as much as […]

COP26 – Climate change: why esports needs to up its game

With the major discussions continuing to unfold at COP26 about climate change and how it is being managed domestically and internationally, we take a look at esports and its negative impact on the real world.  Climate change is a harsh reality; it’s occurring right now and, at the current rate, will continue to do get worse. We all know about the negative effects of carbon emissions coming from cars and agriculture; however, did you realise just how bad gaming is for the environment?  […]

COP26 – Mobilising a collective force for good

Day five of the COP26 climate change summit puts youth and public empowerment at the centre of the agenda, as the debate focuses on how to encourage society to take collective action.   Young people have long wanted to take part in decision-making processes and in driving global change. Yet, young people are too often relegated to the background in power and decision-making, and that’s equally true when […]

COP26 – Finance Day: Green Crypto meets Green Racing

Envision Racing announced its brand new partnership with the Algorand Foundation last week, on the eve of the COP26 Climate Change Summit. Unveiled in Glasgow on Monday, the greenest car on the greenest grid now has green crypto, and we’ve been pleased to be part of the journey. Head of Global Marketing at Algorand Foundation, Stephen Duignan, revealed more about the partnership in his recent […]