Land Rover goes grassroots for Rugby World Cup sponsorship

SQN CEO Claire Ritchie @MsRichTea discusses how sponsorship is about more than just putting two entities together – it’s about matching brand attributes and a common vision to create win-win partnerships.  I was pleased to read the recent news of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)’s sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup (RWC), which the auto manufacturer is already […]

Takeaways: London to Paris cycling trip

Takeaways is a new feature of the SQN blog where one of the team talks about what they learned at a recent event, be it motorsport, technology or something else altogether. PR and Communications Coordinator Matthew Perryman (@mflperryman) tackled a pilgrimage journey to cycle from London to Paris to soak up the end of the Tour […]

Big data brings new Dimension to #TDF2015 experience

Whether watching beside some vertical Pyrenean tarmac or at an office desk cursing buffer speeds (it’s for research, honest), nothing captivates a cycling fan like a stage of the Tour de France. It takes a special sort of fan dedication to enjoy six hours of guys pedalling up and down roads, especially as broadcasting of […]

How to ace Sports Sponsorship

The summer of sport is in full swing: Wimbledon, the Ashes, the British Grand Prix, Tour de France and the Open just around the corner. To name but a few of the sporting events that frequent the front and back pages, as well as news feeds and websites during the warmer months. Timely, then, was […]

Takeaways: Henley Royal Regatta Event Review

Sine Qua Non International assisted in social media management and video production for the 176th Henley Royal Regatta. Digital Marketing Executive Rob Horne (Instagram: robchorne / Twitter @rch_93) reflects on the experience of bringing one of Britain’s oldest sporting and social events into the digital age.