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Mahindra – The power of print


  • Create celebratory assets to promote Mahindra Racing’s most successful season to date in Formula E
  • Coincide the publication of assets with the New York City ePrix, at which the Mahindra Chairman, Anand Mahindra, was to be present
  • Adopt innovative approach to reaffirm Mahindra Racing’s position as a leader in Formula E communications


  • Creation of a thematic commemorative book to tell the full story of Mahindra Racing’s “Road to Victory”
  • Insertion of a separate New York city guide allowed the book to remain topical to the race weekend
  • Content related to website features and social media campaigns to link together all of the team’s communications collaterals


  • Written and designed from scratch, with bespoke interviews and features, the book was created in a three-week time frame from the team’s victory at the Berlin ePrix to the NYC event.
  • Tight turnaround required efficiency and accuracy of work to get hundreds of printed books to New York from the UK.
  • Team personnel and sponsors received a copy of the book, which perfectly captured the team’s success and positioned Mahindra Racing as the breakthrough of the season.