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Overcoming creative blocks in B2B content marketing

January 10, 2023

Content marketing is one of the ways in which a business can reap the multi-pronged benefits from reaching potential customers online. Through content marketing, a business can educate their audience whilst simultaneously positioning themselves as an expert in their industry. Additionally, content marketing helps to build relationships and trust with potential customers, as well as showcasing thought leadership. 

With so many perks available, it is unsurprising that many businesses want to capitalise and take advantage as much as possible. Yet, many businesses sometimes struggle with the creative process to produce content that engages and helps to convert audiences from freeloaders to fans, as well as reaping all the associated benefits. 

So, what’s the solution? Businesses can host brainstorming sessions, search google for content ideas to boost brainstorming results, create a content calendar, and use ROI-centric metrics to help produce marketing content that benefits both the business and its audience. 

Firstly, host company-wide brainstorming sessions with colleagues to produce ideas which will help mitigate the business from running out of content. Drawing upon the experience that team members have will make good use of the available expertise within the team. The added benefit of having team members work in this way is that a melting pot of ideas can produce a collaboration between staff, including team leaders. 

Additionally, to help bolster and spur further creativity during brainstorming sessions, team leaders can conduct a Google search to find content ideas that align with the business’s prospective content strategy. 

Secondly, with the use of a content calendar, a business can keep track of the content which it is putting out on social media and other outlets, whilst also having the benefit of implementing any of the fruitful results from brainstorming sessions. With a content calendar needing to be filled and tracked, creativity will be required to overcome any blocks that may have cropped up. To keep track of the content calendar, it may be necessary to clearly assign campaign responsibilities to relevant team members so that campaigns run smoothly.  

Thirdly, it is important to make sure that each piece of content has a certain amount of return on investment. By showing that content marketing provides positive results using analytics software, staff will be keener about improving the metrics each post yields. B2B companies can reap the four aforementioned benefits of content marketing, yet to really show that it is having a positive impact the use of metrics will highlight which content pieces did great and which ones did not. Further to this, a business can then continue to produce content similar to the ones that performed favourably. 

Finally, building a connection between content marketing and the return on investment it can bring is essential. Businesses shouldn’t be creating content just for the sake of creating content. Give each piece of content a purpose. There needs to be a clear link to its benefits, and this is done by implementing relevant marketing metrics. Measuring the increase in visitors to a piece of content like a blog post, seeing a reduction in bounce rate, or even seeing an increase in engagement on social media are all ways in which this could be done. Additionally, use the content to promote products and services by leading visitors to pages online where potential customers can find out more about the products and services on offer. B2B Businesses should look at the click-through rate on these promotional content pieces to see the beneficial effect they are having. 

B2B businesses can find themselves facing creative blocks when it comes to content marketing. However, by following these four steps a business can spur themselves back into a flow of composing purposeful, yet creative, pieces of content. Through the power of partnerships, SQN helps B2B tech and sport companies present content ideation along with fulfilment of activations. Get in touch with us to see how we can help your B2B business overcome creative blocks to implement content and activations today.


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This is an exciting time for everyone on our collective team, and we look forward to continuing our work with you.

John Rowady
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CEO & Founder, SQN

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Director & COO, SQN