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Pride and no prejudice

July 1, 2021

This past weekend, SQN’s Reece Mowlem had the pleasure to attend the Goodwood Gathering of Goblins 2021, an electric racing event run by Greenpower Education Trust, a charity for which SQN are the official communications partner. Here he shares his experience from the event.

Greenpower’s goal is to engage young people in STEM through a hands-on, practical motorsport challenge, and show them how exciting a career in engineering can be. These educational benefits of the project were certainly on show throughout the day, but it was the passion, positivity and social awareness of the participants that really impacted me. 

Upon my arrival at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit, on a surprisingly sunny Sunday morning, my attention was immediately drawn to a vehicle in the centre of the paddock adorned with a rainbow livery. As I got closer, I was able to make out some words that had been painted on the side of the entry from Goldstone Primary. The message from the school’s 9 to 11-year-old students was clear and simple: LOVE IS LOVE. 

With June being ‘Pride Month’, it’s not unusual to see imagery promoting LGBTQ+ rights at this time of year (as should be the case during every month). However, to see the colours of the rainbow and statements of pride displayed across the bodywork of a car designed by a group so young was a real delight. The younger members of our society are often overlooked when we discuss the current issues of equality in our world, but the pupils of Goldstone Primary reminded us this weekend that they are socially conscious and willing to stand up for what is right. 

As the day progressed, the participants of the Gathering of Goblins continued to demonstrate both positivity and inclusivity. Each time a driver completed a loop of the course, the whole crowd cheered and applauded in unison, regardless of what team they were on. After every good run, there were pats on the back and shouts of ‘well done’ and ‘great job’. After any errors or mistakes, the same level of encouragement could be felt. This unwavering support was afforded to every member of the diverse paddock, no matter their gender or ethnicity. It was equality in action. 

As I left the venue after what was a brilliant day of racing, I thought about the acts of inclusivity that I had witnessed throughout the event. It reminded me of the responsibility we have as those in PR and communications to actively promote positivity, love and pride in the content we create, and help preserve the inherent good in the younger generation. Ultimately, they are the future, and we must help them build a better world for everyone.


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CEO & Founder, SQN

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Director & COO, SQN