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October 13, 2020

Purpose is a word that we’ve been hearing a lot recently, as companies look ahead with caution to 2021. This period of sustained disruption and turbulence looks set to continue, yet we are seeing signs of tenacity and ambition among organisations determined to take back control of their own destiny. Of course, there are industries whose futures are governed by the global response to the pandemic and its after-effects, but this year has offered an opportunity – welcome or not – for reflection and reaffirmation of company goals.

Purpose is, in essence, realising a company vision by putting principles, morals and a drive for positive societal change at the heart of the operation. It’s not box-ticking PR, nor simply adding a section to your website, it requires meaningful action across the entire business – internally and externally – and has to be sincere.

Sponsorship is an area where companies can showcase their intentions in a truly credible and impactful manner. There are opportunities galore. Whether it’s supporting young people into STEM, nurturing grassroots talent, or contributing towards societal or environmental issues, all of this is possible with the right purpose-led partnership.

If you’re planning for 2021 and need some direction, why not drop us a line.