Sponsorship is a fast-growing industry, but how can you exploit its full potential?

July 29, 2019

The sponsorship industry is at all-time high.

The 2019 MKTG Frontier report, conducted in association with Think! Sponsorship and the European Sponsorship Association (ESA), reported that 50% of its surveyed industry specialists expect the sponsorship industry to continue its upward growth trajectory.

Two-thirds of respondents believe brands are now considering sponsorship as an essential part of the marketing mix.

The perceptions of sponsorship are changing for the better and, so too, are the unquestionable benefits that can be derived when activated correctly.

Gone are the days of sponsorships being a chairman’s whim or marketer’s plaything. When done correctly, with specialist agency support and delivering against clear business metrics, sponsorships can transcend the marketing mix.

At SQN, we have accumulated nearly two decades of experience helping brands to harness the power of sponsorship to deliver against pressing business imperatives. As members of ESA, we keep our fingers on the pulse of sponsorship trends, we are constantly identifying opportunities for companies like yours to reap the rewards.

We’ve outlined six ways you can tap into the power of sponsorship and we’ll be producing bite-sized articles on each of the adjacent areas: 

1. Integrating sponsorship fully into the marketing mix.
2. Changing perceptions through sport.
3. Building employees as brand advocates.
4. Delivering purpose in CSR initiatives.
5. Sponsorship as the ultimate showcase for B2B and tech.
6. Using a specialist agency to extract the full potential from sponsorships.

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