Sponsorship measurement is more important than ever

August 19, 2019
Sponsorship is a powerful tool for many organisations. The European Sponsorship Association (ESA) recently announced that the European sports sponsorship sector was worth over $20 billion* in 2018, representing the third successive year of growth.
With this increase in the sector value, it must surely follow that those businesses investing more into sponsorship are experiencing the positive impact it brings to their bottom line.
Therefore, it seems timely to consider the factors impacting on the success of sponsorship measurement, as this is an area that many brands and rights holders find difficult to get right.
Here at SQN, as a sports sponsorship agency with nearly 20 years experience, we feel that the basis to effective measurement is being clear on your sponsorship objectives from the very beginning.
We’ve outlined three areas (below) to consider when thinking about sponsorship measurement. On Thursday we’ll take a look at the first one, the lifecycle of a sponsorship.
*source: https://sponsorship.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2019-ESA-Sponsorship-Market-Overview.pdf
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