Sponsorship measurement: The lifecyle of a sponsorship

Sponsorship deals have many different facets, from deal negotiations, strategy development and activation planning, through to changing business needs as the sponsorship matures, and much more besides. Each stage in the lifecycle of a sponsorship requires its own bespoke measures of success, which can seem to increase the complexity of task at hand. Added to which, the often-large sums of money involved in securing a sponsorship can make the task of measuring its effectiveness daunting.

Sponsorships require different success measures at different stages in their lifecycle.

In addition, the lifecycle of a sponsorship is very individual to each sponsor and sponsorship. However, there are some common phases to consider, each with their own success measurements and all of which may change over time, as either the sponsorship matures, new opportunities arise with the rights holder or perhaps the business objectives of the sponsor change.

The key point to remember here is that the overarching business objectives should always be the anchor point of any measurements put in place.

Sponsorship lifecycle