henley royal regatta

SQN Blog-vent Calendar: 12. 2012 Doping Scandal – Will Sponsors Now Do a Runner?

  For many, memories of London 2012 will always remain in the mind as those of a glorious summer. A year when the nation opened its doors to the world’s greatest sportsmen and women and Team GB put on a spectacular show for the rest of the planet.   However, this week saw the publication […]

SQN Blog-vent Calendar: 1. What does it take to be the Number One in Sport?

  With Christmas fast approaching, we at SQN have decided to do away with the traditional Advent Calendar this year. We’ll still be marking the days until the 25th, but instead of chocolate, we will be opening up topics of conversation, themed to each number of the countdown. Our Account Executive William Oster will be the man […]