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COP26 – Zero emissions: Cosworth’s Catalytic generator

Transport was yesterday’s theme at COP26, a topic that drives much debate within the walls of SQN and with many of our clients. The wheels of our business have been driven by automotive and motorsport clients over the past 20 years.  The transportation industry remains one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. It is believed that as much as […]

COP26 – Climate change: why esports needs to up its game

With the major discussions continuing to unfold at COP26 about climate change and how it is being managed domestically and internationally, we take a look at esports and its negative impact on the real world.  Climate change is a harsh reality; it’s occurring right now and, at the current rate, will continue to do get worse. We all know about the negative effects of carbon emissions coming from cars and agriculture; however, did you realise just how bad gaming is for the environment?  […]

COP26 – Finance Day: Green Crypto meets Green Racing

Envision Racing announced its brand new partnership with the Algorand Foundation last week, on the eve of the COP26 Climate Change Summit. Unveiled in Glasgow on Monday, the greenest car on the greenest grid now has green crypto, and we’ve been pleased to be part of the journey. Head of Global Marketing at Algorand Foundation, Stephen Duignan, revealed more about the partnership in his recent […]

Closed door sports open fresh opportunities for sponsorship

Innovative technology looks set to open closed doors for brands looking to activate or ignite sports sponsorship opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of augmented reality technology to revolutionise pitch side sports advertising is nothing new. Digital overlay companies have been in existence for the past decade or so, and a […]

SQN scores with Mudita Sports to aid home learning

SQN has been appointed by Mudita Sports to help promote the company’s brand-new education app, GO And Learn, which puts sport and entertainment at the heart of the learning experience. The company has already teamed up with football clubs Manchester City and Arsenal to support young people who are currently being home schooled, while also […]

The Resurgence of the Power of Creativity

According to Microsoft’s Paul Davies, the last few years have seen technology taking a lead within marketing. Is data and an ever more complex MarTech stack in danger of overpowering the art of storytelling? Is marketing becoming a race to the bottom where two much emphasis is place on efficiency rather than effectiveness? In our […]