The Power of Sponsorship: Integrating sponsorship fully into the marketing mix

July 30, 2019

Sponsorship has the power to emotionally engage with people in a way that other marketing channels aren’t able to; it enables brands to engage directly and experientially with their target market.

Experiential marketing is just as important and valuable now as it ever has been. With so many channels and platforms available for consumers to access, trying to maintain people’s attention for any period of time is becoming more and more difficult. By connecting with audiences on an experiential level, as sponsorships have the ability to do, you are engaging with them in a deeper, emotional manner, when they are at their most accessible.

Sponsorship should not be viewed as a separate entity of the marketing mix; it has the ability to bundle all of marketing channels together. Unlike other marketing activities, sponsorship can drive global marketing campaigns by encompassing all elements of the mix.

Whereas advertising can be one-dimensional and fulfil limited objectives, a brand/rights-holder partnership generates a story that can be told through many avenues and across many markets.

“I describe sponsorship as the magic dust that marketing directors use to sprinkle over everything they do in business; not just marketing and communications, but digital, CSR, internal communications – everything that makes an organisation tick.”
Andy Westlake, ESA Chairman

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