The Resurgence of the Power of Creativity

February 21, 2020

According to Microsoft’s Paul Davies, the last few years have seen technology taking a lead within marketing. Is data and an ever more complex MarTech stack in danger of overpowering the art of storytelling? Is marketing becoming a race to the bottom where two much emphasis is place on efficiency rather than effectiveness?

In our final #SomethingQuiteNew podcast of the current short series we spoke to Paul about one of his greatest passions, creativity. 

“For the last five to six years I think marketing has become obsessed with data and science and logic, and that is all really important and has a place. But not at the detriment of creativity” 

Paul Davies

This isn’t to say that data and logic don’t have a place, of course they do. But a balance needs to be found between the two fields, and when it works then it is the most powerful of marketing forces. Creating some of the best campaigns you will find. 

So all is not lost. As issues about personal data and privacy become both more obvious and more regulated, organisation are looking to rebalance. Get that balance right, harnessing data and creativity, and it can produce great results, driving revenues and relationships with key audiences through effective and efficient campaigns. Get it wrong and as we have already seen, reputations can be tarnished.

Listen to the full podcast with Paul either on the Spotify player below or you can find it on Apple, Google and all other good podcast platforms.