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Three Steps to Imaginative B2B Marketing Campaigns

November 1, 2022

It is often a desire of creative teams to make their B2B marketing campaigns more exuberant, vivid, and memorable. After all, B2B marketing no longer needs to be earmarked as marketing’s less creative half compared to B2C marketing campaigns. Understandably, the creative edge of marketing ideas can become diluted as it progresses through being approved by various teams, departments, and stakeholders.

They each have the right to have their input on the decisions of a campaign before it gets approved, yet how can the creative wit be kept alive throughout the process? For B2B brands there’s usually a strong impetus to fit in rather than to stand out, to appear more business-like, and to avoid the risks associated with being outside the traditional approach.

B2B marketing is often defined by its factors which include the high lifetime value of the customer, long-standing purchase decisions, long sales cycles, and extensive research done by both the customer and the seller. There are some excellent reasons that creativity can be input to connect at a deep level without jeopardising the goal that needs to be reached: achieving the sale.

To help keep the creative wit alive there are a few things that can be done.

First, contrary to popular belief, some of the best marketing ideas thrive when parameters are set and there are some rules enforced, rather than when an open field or blank canvas is stipulated. With set boundaries to work within, marketers and creative teams can work together to meet the brief with a flourish of ideas that are useable and can be built upon.

Additionally, encourage stakeholders to see the benefit of the creativity of the marketing team and its ability to understand and connect with the target audience. By encouraging stakeholders to loosen the reigns a little bit, they will see that the imaginativeness of the marketing team to connect with the audience can help their business to stand out from the competition just enough to potentially win the deals they seek.

Thirdly, it is much easier to initiate micro tests as part of testing a new approach within a small segment of the market, rather than attempting to make a large impact. By simply testing new, smaller approaches, marketing ideas will be easier to approve, and the business will have more feedback from the audience to learn from so that the business can adjust its approach in the future.

B2B marketing campaigns can allow for the imaginative ideas of marketing teams to thrive in so far as to stand out from other B2B competitors. Competitor campaigns also go through the process of being scrutinised and diluted by other teams and stakeholders, so there is an opportunity to be at the forefront of the customer’s mind by being even a little bit different when done correctly.

SQN agency fosters creative marketing campaigns with powerful partnerships between businesses and business customers who are looking for a novel way to ignite that spark of creativity for their B2B marketing campaigns. In doing so we have helped to generate new leads, and new business, and build new working relationships that have become ever more fruitful throughout the years.

When done right creative campaigns need not be difficult to implement with these three steps of setting parameters, adjusting stakeholder expectations, and initiating micro tests.

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