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Toyota: An enduring partnership from race to road

When it comes to building long-lasting partnerships, our work with Toyota is arguably best-in-class example. As one of the most revered companies and brands in the world, a market leader and trend-setter, Toyota has countless stories to be told.

The company’s commitment to international motorsport over the years has seen involvement in the FIA Formula One World Championship, the FIA World Rally Championship and most recently the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), including the 24 Hours of Le Mans – one leg of the prestigious triple crown of motorsport.

The corporation’s R&D and motorsport division – TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe – applies the experience and technologies developed through its racing activities to Toyota’s effort to make more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and ever-better road cars.

Our objectives

Three key objectives were identified in our support of Toyota Motor Europe and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe:

  1. In the short term, Toyota wanted to significantly grow its motor racing fan base – not simply the numbers, but their passion and enthusiasm for the racing too
  2. In the longer term, the goal was for this to translate into selling more cars
  3. Overall, Toyota wanted to evolve and elevate its brand, so the public more closely associated it with high performance racing and technological excellence

Toyota wanted to engage with everyone: its various partners, its own employees, its current customers, the automotive media and of course motorsport fans. Most of all, it wanted to connect with the many potential customers who were perhaps only vaguely aware of the significance of Le Mans, WEC, or indeed Toyota’s powerhouse credentials in both.

From a messaging perspective, the link between the hybrid technologies in Toyota’s race and road cars needed to be made real, an understanding that its road cars have serious racing pedigree. Most importantly, it would be critical to make clear that motorsport was not simply an element of Toyota’s business strategy, it was part of their core DNA, and they were fully committed to it for the long term. 

Our solution

We established a very close and collaborative relationship with both Toyota Motor Europe and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe marketing teams. A social media engagement strategy was developed, for the execution of which we provided Toyota with ongoing support on message development, content creation and social outreach, including during race events.

Using social media as the primary platform allows Toyota to engage directly with all its audiences. As a medium, it also provides the best opportunity to transfer some of the drama and energy during race events, with real-time updates promoting a more emotional connection with their viewers.  And it provides their distribution partners with exciting material that can be used to amplify Toyota’s core messaging in local sales markets across Europe.

What we achieved

The content portfolio included videos, photography, infographics, feature articles, blogs, fan quizzes, pre-race content and live race updates. In addition, we developed toolkits for social and web-based content that have been rolled out to all Toyota’s European markets. Specific content development and design was also undertaken for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe’s employee communications programme.

Starting with 28,500 Twitter followers in 2014, we have been instrumental in helping to grow the channel purely organically by over 200,000 followers in just six seasons and increasing impressions by nearly 200% during the same period.

We supported Toyota in some of the company’s most important moments in its motorsport history. From communicating its first world title in 15 years, to providing social expertise when the world’s eyes were on the team’s accounts following its devastating 2016 Le Mans near-miss, we have been right by their side through the great times and tough times.

Results in numbers

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increase in social media followers
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increase in content impressions
years of continued partnership

Power of the Partnership

By working with us, Toyota has been able to capitalise on several of our team’s core skillsets:

  • Considerable knowledge and connections within the motorsport environments in which Toyota competes
  • Significant experience developing highly creative motorsport fan engagement tactics
  • The ability to create powerful messaging that can simultaneously engage multiple diverse audiences
  • A responsiveness and professionalism that is second to none – critically important during race weekends when the unexpected needs to be handled immediately and expertly
  • Having worked together on various content and communications programmes since 2008, we understand fully what Toyota wants to achieve and we have been an integral part of their journey
“Over the years, SQN has proven themselves to be a key partner for Toyota Motor Europe, developing a dedicated strategy, improving communication towards Toyota’s European markets and creating high quality assets. No challenge has been too big, no deadline too short. The team at SQN are professional, friendly, highly knowledgeable, and always demonstrate a proactive approach. Thanks to the strong support of SQN, Toyota Motor Europe has been able to increase its online motorsports activities, expand its fan base and reach new audiences.”

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This is an exciting time for everyone on our collective team, and we look forward to continuing our work with you.

John Rowady
CEO & Founder, rEvolution

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CEO & Founder, SQN

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Director & COO, SQN