Use a specialist agency, like SQN, to extract full potential

September 3, 2019
Developing a sponsorship, or working towards a partnership, requires detailed understanding of a number of different areas such as: how rights holders think, their challenges, sponsorship deal making and commercial negotiations to name a few areas.
By understanding at the very beginning of a partnership what both parties want to achieve, then they can work together to create a bespoke package of rights that fulfil the needs of both. The unique nature of sponsorship means that it can work a lot harder than other forms of traditional marketing, generate greater value for money, and go a long way in achieving pre-set objectives.
Sponsorship has become an incredibly powerful, meaningful and thriving marketing platform. With the development of the industry has come a greater level of intricacy and knowledge about how to successfully plan, manage and activate a sponsorship. It must be treated with the same level of thought-process, meticulous scrutiny and afforded the same specialist expertise as any other marketing channel.
In this respect, sponsorship has become a truly specialised area that requires experience and knowledge to ensure that a brand fully gets the maximum out of any partnership.
Here at SQN, we use our understanding and familiarity of the sponsorship industry to ensure that companies get the most out of their investments. We have been working with global brands for nearly 20 years, helping them to build relationships, enhance reputations and drive revenue.

Next week we’ll be looking at the world of esports and why brands are getting heavily involved in this growing industry.