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W Series and PUMA could change the world

May 14, 2021

Following the renewal of the partnership between W Series and Puma, SQN Account Manager Carrie Mathieson details why this partnership could have a far-reaching, positive effect on the world:

A bold statement, but hear us out. On May 13, W Series announced a renewal of its partnership with Puma Motorsport that will see its entire grid line up for the 2021 season in racing overalls specifically tailored to the female body.

Why is that a big deal, you ask? Because it hasn’t been done before. Currently, women compete in altered versions of ‘unisex’ race suits – which are designed with the assumption that the wearer is male.

This isn’t an isolated problem within motorsport – in countless industries and job roles, personal protective equipment and uniforms are designed to fit a male body. Nurses, doctors, engineers, police officers and firefighters, to name just a few, have no choice but to don PPE that is not fit for purpose. Scrubs are several sizes too big to account for the difference in body shapes; stab vests don’t cover vital organs.

It’s not just an issue of safety; comfortable, well-fitting clothing helps us to be more productive and maximise performance. Women are not small-sized men. It’s time to reassess the equipment women are forced to adapt to and work with, rather than adapting the equipment to suit them.

We’re strong advocators for the power of sponsorship. Motorsport has a reputation as a potent ground for the transfer of technology from race to road. Now, the partnership between W Series and Puma has the potential to accelerate change in an area where progress is trailing at a snail’s pace. It’s a small step in a long journey, but it could actually change the world.