What to consider with esports sponsorships

October 21, 2019

Thank you for reading our mini-series on esports sponsorship. We hope you have enjoyed it and found it insightful.

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It’s important to remember to evaluate the opportunities afforded by an esports sponsorship the same way you would any other opportunity.

Sponsorship deals have many different facets to them, from deal negotiations, strategy development and activation planning, through to changing business needs as the sponsorship matures. esports sponsorships are no different in any of these respects.

There are however some additional factors to remember for esports sponsorships.

1.Esports are still relatively new – This can offer sponsors lots of innovative opportunities. But it also means the sector itself isn’t as well established as conventional sports sponsorships. This brings limited infrastructure and some uncertainty such as late cancellations of events. It will help if sponsors are open to a flexible approach.

2.Esports sector is not fully developed – This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to get involved in the earlier stages and start building engagement. The market isn’t crowded and the opportunities are still relatively affordable.

3.You have one shot – authenticity is much used words within gaming and a brand coming in that isn’t there with the audience in mind will be found out quickly. Being true and honest with this audience and the benefits can be high.

4.Don’t forget the sponsorship basics – in our previous mini-series we spoke about setting objectives and measuring them to ensure you can see your impact, and not just from the vanity metrics.

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In our next report we’ll be taking a look at the digital transformation of sport – one not to be missed!